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Under the terms of the legislation;

  • To keep the satisfaction of our customers and employees at the highest level,
  • To implement an efficient personnel education system,
  • To provide products that have a high level of quality and low cost,
  • To prevent mistakes before occurring,
  • To accommodate evolving technology as personnel and equipment,
  • To provide that our company takes a place among the pioneers of the industry with continuous improvement in the quality management system framework.


We stipulate all of these;

  • We are going to move with all applicable laws and regulations, to provide quality and productivity in the production of work and service, minimize occupational accidents and their effects, to maintain the occupational health and safety of all workers which we see as the most valuable resource.
  • We are going to contribute to developing the responsibility of all our workers by providing to grip their responsibilities and place in the system with an education program which we will organize.
  • We are going to create a safe and healthy work environment for all workers and try to reach our " Zero work accident" target by eliminating the potential risks with the participation of our workers.
  • We are going to ensure the continuous improvement of our system and keep the OHS factor at the forefront by determining new goals and objectives every year.